Popular Israeli diplomat Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub tenure as the Israeli diplomat in the United Kingdom will remain in the minds and hearts of many Jews. His tenure was marked by acts of great dedication and commitment to the work that he was mandated to do for his country. He represented his Jewish community to the best he could. Daniel Taub, a staunch orthodox Jew, believed that every human being deserved rights to live without being discriminated upon. He was a great advocated of human rights as a route for stability in the world. He served as an ambassador for Israeli for four years. He was appointed while working under the ministry of foreign affairs. His appointment became the second for a British born on behalf of Israel. Daniel Taub was born in the United Kingdom but later moved to Israeli. Most of his early life was spent in the United Kingdom where he undertook his studies in international law. He will be remembered by many for his courage and firm stand for what he believed in. His tenure was characterized by a show of a firm believer in the Jewish culture. She used to wear the Kippah as a sign of his commitment to his Jewish beliefs.



Daniel Taub managed to be the best ambassador to have ever represented the country in a foreign nation following his achievements in the position. He made accomplished so much for the county that by the time he left, there was no doubt that he wanted the best for his Jewish community and his country Israel. He worked on improving the trade ties between the two countries than any other ambassador before him. His efforts culminated in the trade deals between the United Kingdom and Israel reaching an all-time high of over $7 billion. This was termed by the minister in charge of business and innovations in Britain as a great achievement that ushered in a golden era of relations between the two countries.



Never before in the history of the countries have the two nations had such close relations. Daniel Taub termed the relationship between the two countries as cordial. At no point did there be a tug of war between the two countries. They maintained close working relations that helped both countries to benefit. Daniel Taub also oversaw improvements in other areas of interests such as education, research, and business, there were more Jewish owned businesses in the country than ever before. This is an achievement that could not be substituted for anything else.


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