Jorge Moll Gives an Insight into the Role Played by Technology in the Progress of Medicine

Jorge Moll is well known not only for being a prominent entrepreneur but also the brains behind the funding of health diagnostics imaging laboratory in 1977. What’s more, he did a commendable job in transforming the enterprise into one of the largest and leading lab operators and hospital in Brazil, Rede D’Or. For this reason, Jorge Moll is well-versed with the role technology has played in the advancement of medicine. On May 26, 2017, he wrote an article that stressed this fact.


According to Jorge Moll, it is inevitable to explore the progress in medicine without focusing on the advantages that technology has brought to the industry. He emphasized this point by mentioning some of the regions in the US like Silicon Valley and its neighboring areas in Northern California where advancement in the digital technology area has overflown into the healthcare industry significantly.

Jorge pointed out Dr. Albert Chan, the VP of innovation specifically on Sutter Health’s patient experience, as one of the individuals who has been trying to incorporate new technologies into healthcare. In fact, he has been in Brazil debating about the key trends in the field. Dr. Chan also demonstrates in his lectures how implementing technology can change the manner in which patients receive care.


Google glasses is one of the tools that have been utilized to get patients’ information via a single voice command. The tool has several benefits including improved medical evaluation and safety, 100% focused attention on patients as well as more humanized and efficient interaction between patients and doctors (loop.frontiersin). Furthermore, Jorge Moll called for more collaboration between various stakeholder in the Brazilian health sector including startups, entrepreneurs, hospital networks, and public and private institutions of research and teaching in a bid to promote the rapid advancement of Brazil’s medical innovation.


About Jorge Moll


Jorge Moll is the president of Rede D’Or’s Board of directors. Rede D’Or owns over 30 hospitals. In 2010, Fleury SA, a medical service provider in Brazil, acquired subsidiary Labs D’Or for more than $750 million ( In the same year, Jorge Moll gained control of Sao Paulo-based hospital group, Sao Luiz. Later in 2015, GIC Pte. Ltd, a Singapore-based sovereign –wealth fund, and Carlyle acquired a stake in Rede D’Or.