How Eli Gershkovitch Became Canada’s Finest Brewer

The power and influence of millennials on brands and businesses can no longer be wished away. That irrefutable fact was what motivated the Canadian lawyer and pilot, Eli Gershkovitch to venture into the craft beer brewing industry in the mid-nineties. Eli’s brewing passion began as he traversed Europe, where he got the opportunity to partake in exotic German-made drafts.


Soon after returning to Canada, Eli set up the first steam-powered brewery called Steamworks. Being a vastly experienced lawyer made it easy for Eli Gershkovitch to acquire the necessary permits for his original brews.


Rapid Expansion of Steamworks


Today, there are more independent breweries in Canada than at any other time in all recorded history. Not surprisingly, a significant majority of the patrons at Steamworks are young people looking to enjoy exotic ales, lager, and pilsners.


The pub was an instant hit with the local drinkers in central Vancouver. The popular joint went from hosting 184 revelers to a sitting capacity of 754 in less than two decades after launching. In 2013, the surging demand prompted Eli to transform the establishment into a full-fledged independent brewery ( Another strategy that helped Steamworks to grow that fast was the partnership deals with other craft beer establishments in the city.


Awards and Accolades Won


The brewery now distributes its concoctions to locations all over Canada and the U.S. The outstanding beer products from Steamworks have seen it scoop several industry accolades and awards. For two years in a row, BC Craft Beer has named the Pilsner from Steamworks as the Best BC Craft Beer in the nation. The Canadian Brewing Awards gave their trademark pumpkin ale the gold medal in 2013.


About Eli Gershkovitch


Eli is an adept risk-taker who loves to explore and venture where very few dare. Many people have likened Eli’s personality to that of the British-born billionaire investor, Richard Branson.


Eli Gershkovitch is also into aviation and collecting antique, classic cars. Eli is responsible for transforming his once-derelict and nonchalant hometown, Gastown into a thriving metropolis complete with all the social amenities required to bring people together. The attorney graduated with a top honors law degree from the University of Toronto in 1987.