How Dr. Avi Weisfogel has Transformed The Perspective on Sleep Apnea

Dr. Avi Weisfogel, a well-known sleep apnea specialist and dentist, has developed a way that can help patients deal with effects of sleep deprivation. While most sleep apnea patients always choose to visit a general doctor to have their condition examined and maybe get prescription, dentists like Avi have come up with the most effective treatment for the condition using dentistry techniques. For several years, Avi has had a vision of the possibilities that could be transformed into a reality through his area of specialization. He cultivated his desire and commitment to help provide a lasting solution for sleep disorders after interacting with one of his patients.

Since his early days as a dentist, Avi has been focusing on treating sleep patients. His keen interest in the business and marketing for dentists motivated him to join most of the marketing organizations available under dentistry. No matter how successful Avi became at full mouth rehabs and marketing implants, he could not find a productive marketing strategy that contributed to a steady stream of oral appliance patients. This changed when he left his general practice in 2010 to start a company committed to sleep disorders.

Though it cost him millions of dollar and took two years to complete, Avi developed a system that generated between 250 and 300 oral patients every month. He has been promoting this system over the recent years, and has now embarked on developing Dental Sleep Masters program. Through this program, he hopes to reach more physicians, patients, and dentists with the model that can enhance the healthcare in the field of sleep medicine. Apart from his medical practice, Avi is a recognized philanthropist who donates a sizable portion if his profits and time to charity. He is always watchful to take every opportunity that can enable him learn, improve, and enlarge his practice while boosting his performance.