On matters of success in the field of finance, recognition of one Mr. Wakeman R. Glen comes to mind. He is a highly respected finance executive and assumes other high profile capacities such as the Chief Executive Officer of a public institution. He is also a Board executive, an enterprise owner with an extensive background in management spanning to 21 years at both the P&L and at the GE.

Glen’s dedication and enthusiasm in supporting enterprise to scale up has seen him come up with proven methodologies that are critical in the analysis of the enterprise state regarding its daily performance ( It also seeks to improve their operation through the adoption of the following five elements of achievement: As a strategy to cope up with the ever-changing environment, Leadership is vital to foster a positive direction, Human resource as the second dimension helps to aid in streamlining the enterprise vision with both its strategies and scheme. The third pillar is execution that combines operations, technology as well as people. Management of risks helps reduce interference and finally to give allowance for a useful differing opinion. Governance is a critical seal of the five dimensions for performance improvement.

To facilitate his interest for growing enterprises, Glen as the Chief Executive Officer of the LaunchPad; an initiative that offers automation services with software that facilitates starting enterprises put their business and activity plan in a systematic order. The number of businesses across the region is exemplary, and many are benefiting from it as seen in the graphical changes. The package offered under the Launchpad consists of a wide array of hints and advice to take the entrepreneurs through some processes needed to set up an enterprise successfully. Besides, capital and consultants are available to facilitate any query raised.

Glen contribution to business growth spans from way back when he worked as an enterprise accelerator at the Nova where he facilitated access to enterprise capital and consulting services ( He was also the Chief Executive Officer as well as the President. Mr. Glen Wakeman is a holder bachelor’s degree in Finance and Economics and graduated in the year 1981 from the Scranton University and later joined Chicago University in the year 1993 where he undertook his Master of Business Administration with a major in Finance.