Travel Hacks From Kim Dao


Australian vlogger Kim Dao talks about her top ten travel hacks for traveling around in Japan. She first recommends two important ways of getting wifi, no matter where you are. Kim Dao recommends either a pocket wifi device or data sim card. A data sim card is simple enough to get either at the airport or at a large electronic shop and costs about $30 for 5GB of data. Her other recommendation is the battery operated pocket wifi that costs about $100 and has to be bought before going to Japan, but is unlimited and fast. Kim’s second recommendation is a JR pass that is only available for those on a tourist visa. It costs $300 for a week but allows unlimited train use. Kim Dao’s third recommendation is to use Odigo Travel which allows you to completely plan and book your trip to Japan( Her fourth travel hack is to use train apps or google maps to help you navigate the confusing train system. Kim’s fifth hack is to use a train card that skips the messy system of tickets for different train companies. The sixth recommendation is to always carry cash, as Japan is still heavily cash based( She recommends convenience stores such as 7-11 for withdrawing money. Kim Dao’s seventh tip is to bring a power board so you only need one power adapter when traveling in Japan. Her eighth hack is to rent a car in order to see more of the country which may be inaccessible by train or bus. For the Japanese winter she recommends heat packs which stick on clothes and help you stay warm all day. Kim’s last hack is to take a photo of your destination in order to show locals when you get lost.Learn more :¬†