Managing Your Home Energy Costs by Stream Energy

Stream Energy describes how we all get surprised when we receive our energy bills. We are astonished that the electricity bill is so high and wonder how we could contain it (BBB). Stream Energy believes that the answer could lie in the hidden costs of household appliances. According to the company, these devices utilize energy even when they are not used. Stream Energy describes these obscure consumers as “Energy Vampires” whose cumulative costs can be enormous.


How to Save Energy


Stream Energy believes that households can reduce energy bills by performing some simple tasks as follows.

Switching off power to the coffee maker, the game console, the computer screen and the printer when not in use saves one dollar per utensil per year. Also, switching off power to an idle DVR saves $36.80 per year and for all the entertainment gadgets in the house could save $130 per annum (

Stream Energy recommends discipline to ensure that all appliances are switched off when not in use (GCReport). Furthermore, households can install the Stream Energy monitoring tools that produce weekly energy consumption reports.


Stream Energy the Company


Founded in Dallas, Texas in 2004, Stream Energy is a direct selling provider of connected life services. The company offers a bouquet of energy and connection services. These are energy services and management tools. Others are wireless services, home connection services and protective services that cover health, travel, and identity.


The founders, Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki, started marketing their products by word of mouth. This strategy helped create a niche market for the company which has generated more than $8 billion during the last 12 years. Larry Mondry heads the management team heads as the President and Chief Executive. He is in charge of the overall operations. Pierre Koshakji is in charge of strategic projects and government relations.


While all Stream Energy services are available throughout the U.S, energy services are currently offered in Texas, Pennsylvania, Georgia New Jersey, Maryland Washington, New York and Illinois. Stream Energy believes in creating value and obtaining the trust of their clients. They are also diligent in creating innovative products for their clients.