Sussex Healthcare’s Immense Contribution To The Society

This is a popular group that offers an all-rounded range of person-centered health care services within a homely environment. Sussex health care was accredited by the Health Quality Service (HQS) IN 2002. Later on, in 2003, the group was privileged to gain the investors in People standard ISO 9000:2000, which focuses on covering quality management systems. This made Sussex health care the only independent care home provider in the United Kingdom to have been accredited by two bodies, HQS and ISO 9000:2000.

Sussex health care, being an independent group of care homes, has a professional and experienced team that manages its operations under the policy of the group. The group has an aim of being the lead provider of nursing and residential care in Sussex. The group is based in Sussex and offers residential and nursing care services to the community.

Other than this, Sussex health care also tends to focus on offering care for people who have complex health conditions or needs. These include conditions such as acquired brain injury, neurological conditions, autism and profound multiple learning disabilities. In addition to these, it also provides services to older people that have Dementia or Alzheimer’s. Sussex health works on the basis of their belief that good health is not just the absence of illness. The group acknowledges that leisure activities together with social and recreational activities are important for a person’s general good health and well-being. This is why the Sussex health care homes provide programs that have activities meant to specifically motivate and exploit people’s capabilities hence encouraging them to use their full potential.

Individuals are challenged with different activities which are chosen by a person’s previous hobby or interests. These activities give the people a chance to learn new things as well as sharpen their old skills. They are also encouraged to socialize with each other through the activities. The group ensures that all its facilities are up to date regarding technology. Having said this, it equips itself with the latest technology that will play a vital role in making a difference to a person’s health and quality of life. Additional services such as day-care, specialist gymnasium, hydrotherapy pools, physiotherapy, several holistic therapies, sensory rooms and respite care are also offered by Sussex healthcare. Quality care is given priority at Sussex healthcare, and for this reason, the staff are strictly chosen for each home and attend in-house training to offer the best care.

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Incredible Amicus Therapeutics

Amicus Therapeutics, an American company, located in Cranbury New Jersey, is a superb biopharmaceutical health center established a decade ago. Its top-notch services have spread far and wide in the United States. A qualified personnel has driven the company in an achieving its goals, offering high-quality health services at affordable costs.

The rising levels of orphan diseases compelled the institution to establish this incredible center. Disorders such as the lysosomal storage are some of the daunting complications that prompted the establishment of the company. Product development of the company relies heavily on the Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy (CHART), an enzyme replacement therapy.

Mutation is the primary cause of the Lysosomal Storage Disorder ( It leads to the degradation of the protein’s stability leading to the inefficient transportation of the protein to the desired destinations. This complication leads to an adverse rise of multiple problems such as the disruption of the cellular functioning and the ultimate cell death.

Amicus Therapeutics has launched a treatment course of this deadly disorder. A therapeutic protein introduced into the gene-activated human enzyme which will then be injected into the blood for transportation by cells to the lysosome.

Innovative technology has seen the Amicus Therapeutics Company prosper in every way. A dedicated team of personnel has propelled the company in the realization of its core goal, offering to heal beyond disease. Some patients can now afford a smile after their health deteriorated to devastating state. Credit goes to dedicated scientists for working tirelessly and unrelentingly to bring hope to the hopeless.

Amicus Therapeutics Company is pleased to engage the community in its operations. Community clinical studies aim at instilling knowledge to the community about the existence of genetic disorders (Crunchbase). Supporting the disease communities and their families on conditions such as Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), Pompe Disease and Fabry Disease is significant and most influential activities that have enabled the Amicus Therapeutics company impact positively to the community.

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