Jeunesse Global Expands Throughout the East Asian Markets

One of the most surprising tales of success to come out of the health and beauty industry over the last few years has been that of Jeunesse Global. The company was founded in the garage of Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, both longtime industry veterans with an extensive track record of building successful businesses. From there, it didn’t take long for Jeunesse Global to begin rising to the top of the industry, as the best are always wont to do.

The company was founded in 2009, when Lewis became bored with the couple’s newly adopted retirement lifestyle and started selling a few products out of the couple’s spacious Florida home. Lewis knew that, this time, she wanted to approach the business a little differently. Because the couple had been independently wealthy for decades, already having a number of homes throughout the country, Lewis did not want to focus primarily on making money. Instead, she says that her main goal in starting Jeunesse was to bring to those across the globe the same opportunities that she and Ray had as Americans.

Lewis knew that many of the poorest countries around the world had deep structural and demographic problems that lay at the root of their poverty and lack of development. While these cases are tragic, there is little that anyone can do to save these forgotten and downtrodden regions from their own self-consuming tendencies.

However, Lewis had long done business in East Asia and was very keen to the fact that many of the East Asian countries had enormous human capital and productive potential but had been stifled and oppressed under the authoritarian communist jackboot for decades. This insight, that places like China would soon prove to be utterly formidable centers of global production, was one of the key factors behind Jeunesse Global’s rapid expansion.

Concentrating almost solely on the East Asian markets, Ray and Lewis were able to begin growing their fledgling business exponentially. Within just three years of operation, Jeunesse was doing millions of dollars per year. Today, it is a successful company with tens of thousands of distributors, mostly located in East Asian countries.