Why is Eva Moskowitz Influential?

Eva Moskowitz was born on 4, 1964. She’s the CEO (chief executive officer) and founder of Charter Schools of Success Academy. Moskowitz is also a former member of Upper East Side City Council, based in New York.


Eva Moskowitz’s later work centered on the public education privatization by the movement called the charter school. She’s running Great Public Schools Political Action Committee. She used to work with Education Fair of Harlem and also worked with Charter School Center of New York City.


In 2012, Eva Moskowitz wrote Mission Possible (a guide on how to run charter schools) together with Arin Lavinia. In 2001, she wrote, “In Therapy We Trust,” in 1996, she wrote the work of Betty Friedan as a scholarly study.


Eva Moskowitz was raised at the Columbia University, Morningside Heights neighborhood, in Manhattan. She went to Stuyvesant High School. She has a Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) in the history of America, which she received at the University of Johns Hopkins. She also studied at the Pennsylvania University where she received her bachelor’s degree.


Moskowitz taught the following:

  • The history of women at Virginia University as a mass culture and communications visiting professor, from 1989 until 1990
  • At the University of Vanderbilt as a history assistant professor from, 1992 to 1993
  • At the Staten Island College (New York City University,) also as a history assistant professor, since 1994 to 1995


She chaired the American studies faculty seminar held at the University of Columbia. Moskowitz used to be the director of ReadNet, a literacy program for children. She taught civics at the school of Prep for Prep, where she also used to be public affairs director.