Fabletics Knows Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourced reviews are currently being used to understand the demand that the consumer has for products. Customers in today’s internet savvy world are always on the lookout for honest reviews from people who have purchased the product. Sometimes it can determine whether or not they ultimately make the purchase.


Recommendations from a real person who isn’t being paid to promote the item are more trustworthy than those written by a spokesperson. Companies now understand that there is a new strategy that comes with a different way to market their products and they are including that in their new review centered approach. Modern consumers will trust a review that isn’t a planted story. Now companies are having to factor in online reviews into how they decide to market new items. Consumers even make a point to look into the company itself and see if it has similar values. For work out clothes like Fabletics consumers search for people who work out on a regular basis.


Since the Fabletics 2013 launch the company that expanded by more than 200%, including over $235 million revenue increase. With its crowdsourced reviews, it has garnered more than a million loyal customers who subscribe to the work out clothing. If you wanted to point the finger at the man behind the marketing strategy, then look no further than Shawn Gold the Corporate Marketing Officer of TechStyle Fashion Group, which is a fancy term for the company that umbrellas Fabletics itself.


As years go on consumers are not only researching the products that they purchase, but also researching the company itself and the business it conducts. Customers reading online reviews are only increasing more and more every year.


What companies ultimately are looking for is a way to boost up their sales. Authentic and verified reviews can make or break a business. Incorporating personal reviews on your website can gain peoples trust and loyalty because not every review is going to be raving about how great the product is. Kate Hudson has shown more than once she wholly endorses the brand as well as uses its products. One person might have a specific issue that another person wouldn’t care much about so it is a fine balancing act when it comes to advertising the reviews.


Kate Hudson is a known as a local gym rat who enjoys to work out as often as she can. She is well known for only endorsing brands that she uses as well as loves. She wants her fans to appreciate the products as much as she does. Fabletics makes it a point to focus on their customers. They are obsessed with having a positive customer service. They make it a point to excel in respond time to customers and because they have such a fierce loyalty to those who purchase their products people take notice. They have almost 30,000 reviews on a well-known review website called Trustpilot. Their average trust score is a whopping 8.2. People will always appreciate excellent customer service.