A Look at Louis Chenevert, Former President, Director, and CEO of UTC

When looking at the rise and fall of corporations over the year it is plain to see that one of the hardest hit industries has been industrial manufacturing. With the end of the second world war would also come a serious decline in the demand for many things that were once of a higher priority.

One of the largest industrial manufacturing companies has managed to continue to grow throughout the economical roller coaster that is the global economy, United Technologies Corporation. UTC is a multinational conglomerate that is headquartered in Farmington, Connecticut.

Louis Chenevert is the former CEO of UTC and was educated at the HEC Montreal, a school of business that is affiliated with the University of Montreal. He earned a bachelor’s degree of business administration in production management while at university in 1979. Additionally, in May of 2011 Louis would also received a doctorate honoris causa from both HEC Montreal as well as Concordia University.

His career of manufacturing and production began at General Motors, where he would spend fourteen years with the company, rising to become a production manager. In 1993 he would leave General Motors for a UTC owned business unit, Pratt & Whitney.

After six years working for Pratt & Whitney, Louis Chenevert would rise to the position of vice-president of the company and then the president of Pratt & Whitney. A few years later, in March of 2006 he would join UTC as the chief operating officer, president and director.

When Louis Chenevert stepped in as the president, CEO and director of UTC, it was during one of the most difficult times in recent economic history, during the subprime recession. It was during this time that many businesses across all sectors would fall into ruins.

Louis Chenevert has always been a kind and passionate man which is part of what caused him to see the intelligence in investing into the employees of the company, even relocating thousands of workers from a low-cost neighborhood to Connecticut, enabling UTC to diversify development and research projects as well as enable their employees to have a higher reward level within the company.

A man of accomplishments: Ronald Fowlkes

Ronald Fowlkes joined the Marines in 1989 and officially became listed as a veteran in 1993 at the end of his service. Ronald is a Gulf War veteran who was promoted twice within during his service.


Ronald courageously surpassed the Marine Corps College’s Marine combat school, and he multiplied his non-combat navy know-how with the fundamental Engineering course for the Air Naval Gunfire Liaison organization.


Ronald Fowlkes also accomplished become one of the elite and heroic flight infantrymen inside the Army Parachute College and earned his enhanced Army-Marine Corps Parachute Insignia, which in turn expanded his abilities; he additionally joined the NSWF fight Diver faculty. Fowkles has been to numerous stage missions in the 1st Air Naval Gunfire Liaison organization where he has taken on several responsibilities within parachute operations class, which include naval and air gunfire missions using more than a dozen different kind of radios which can include both non-encrypted and encrypted signals and codes, as well as using a laser designator. Fowlkes also completed reconnaissance missions where he received a big popularity for completing such missions.


While he was employed with the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization,

which is abbreviated as JIEDDO as a Department of Protection Contractor with American Army that was stationed Iraq, Ronald’s numerous roles had to take on the tasks of dismounting and setting up infantry combat sector operations. Ronald also trained employees inside the U.S. army to be efficient with their tactical interrogation of capturing and detaining not only the most dangerous people, but also terrorists, tactical operations, hostage search and rescue missions, Close Quarters Battle, and gathering of confirmation. Ronald soon joined the law enforcement network and has been a recognized figure for a span of 13 years.


Fowlkes worked with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police branch for 10 years and three years with the St. Louis County PD. He has trained with enforcement officers with such training that includes the use of tactical rifles, protecting one’s person techniques, shoot residency, and urban plus swat tactical warfare. Fowlkes has several years of knowledge and experience in investigating street gang activities, illegal narcotics trafficking, and illegal gun possession with the most vicious neighborhoods inside the United States.


Currently, Ronald Fowlkes is an employer with Eagle Industries with the acquired title of Manufacturing Business Development Supervisor of Law Enforcement. His prestigious role within the organization is valuable to him because he is able to teach more than a 150 sales personnel’s on the merits of the business, the development, the product choice, and sale. Eagle Industries Manufactures specializes in the product field of nylon equipment and gear for companies, which might be tactical in nature, along with load-bearing devices, tactical assault and protection vests, weapon holster and personal gear.


How Eli Gershkovitch Became Canada’s Finest Brewer

The power and influence of millennials on brands and businesses can no longer be wished away. That irrefutable fact was what motivated the Canadian lawyer and pilot, Eli Gershkovitch to venture into the craft beer brewing industry in the mid-nineties. Eli’s brewing passion began as he traversed Europe, where he got the opportunity to partake in exotic German-made drafts.


Soon after returning to Canada, Eli set up the first steam-powered brewery called Steamworks. Being a vastly experienced lawyer made it easy for Eli Gershkovitch to acquire the necessary permits for his original brews.


Rapid Expansion of Steamworks


Today, there are more independent breweries in Canada than at any other time in all recorded history. Not surprisingly, a significant majority of the patrons at Steamworks are young people looking to enjoy exotic ales, lager, and pilsners.


The pub was an instant hit with the local drinkers in central Vancouver. The popular joint went from hosting 184 revelers to a sitting capacity of 754 in less than two decades after launching. In 2013, the surging demand prompted Eli to transform the establishment into a full-fledged independent brewery (http://askreporter.com/2017/11/ceo-eli-gershkovitch-receives-24-awards-for-steamworks-craft-brewery/). Another strategy that helped Steamworks to grow that fast was the partnership deals with other craft beer establishments in the city.


Awards and Accolades Won


The brewery now distributes its concoctions to locations all over Canada and the U.S. The outstanding beer products from Steamworks have seen it scoop several industry accolades and awards. For two years in a row, BC Craft Beer has named the Pilsner from Steamworks as the Best BC Craft Beer in the nation. The Canadian Brewing Awards gave their trademark pumpkin ale the gold medal in 2013.


About Eli Gershkovitch


Eli is an adept risk-taker who loves to explore and venture where very few dare. Many people have likened Eli’s personality to that of the British-born billionaire investor, Richard Branson.


Eli Gershkovitch is also into aviation and collecting antique, classic cars. Eli is responsible for transforming his once-derelict and nonchalant hometown, Gastown into a thriving metropolis complete with all the social amenities required to bring people together. The attorney graduated with a top honors law degree from the University of Toronto in 1987.


On matters of success in the field of finance, recognition of one Mr. Wakeman R. Glen comes to mind. He is a highly respected finance executive and assumes other high profile capacities such as the Chief Executive Officer of a public institution. He is also a Board executive, an enterprise owner with an extensive background in management spanning to 21 years at both the P&L and at the GE.

Glen’s dedication and enthusiasm in supporting enterprise to scale up has seen him come up with proven methodologies that are critical in the analysis of the enterprise state regarding its daily performance (Interview.net). It also seeks to improve their operation through the adoption of the following five elements of achievement: As a strategy to cope up with the ever-changing environment, Leadership is vital to foster a positive direction, Human resource as the second dimension helps to aid in streamlining the enterprise vision with both its strategies and scheme. The third pillar is execution that combines operations, technology as well as people. Management of risks helps reduce interference and finally to give allowance for a useful differing opinion. Governance is a critical seal of the five dimensions for performance improvement.

To facilitate his interest for growing enterprises, Glen as the Chief Executive Officer of the LaunchPad; an initiative that offers automation services with software that facilitates starting enterprises put their business and activity plan in a systematic order. The number of businesses across the region is exemplary, and many are benefiting from it as seen in the graphical changes. The package offered under the Launchpad consists of a wide array of hints and advice to take the entrepreneurs through some processes needed to set up an enterprise successfully. Besides, capital and consultants are available to facilitate any query raised.

Glen contribution to business growth spans from way back when he worked as an enterprise accelerator at the Nova where he facilitated access to enterprise capital and consulting services (https://ideamensch.com/glen-wakeman/). He was also the Chief Executive Officer as well as the President. Mr. Glen Wakeman is a holder bachelor’s degree in Finance and Economics and graduated in the year 1981 from the Scranton University and later joined Chicago University in the year 1993 where he undertook his Master of Business Administration with a major in Finance.

Jorge Moll Gives an Insight into the Role Played by Technology in the Progress of Medicine

Jorge Moll is well known not only for being a prominent entrepreneur but also the brains behind the funding of health diagnostics imaging laboratory in 1977. What’s more, he did a commendable job in transforming the enterprise into one of the largest and leading lab operators and hospital in Brazil, Rede D’Or. For this reason, Jorge Moll is well-versed with the role technology has played in the advancement of medicine. On May 26, 2017, he wrote an article that stressed this fact.


According to Jorge Moll, it is inevitable to explore the progress in medicine without focusing on the advantages that technology has brought to the industry. He emphasized this point by mentioning some of the regions in the US like Silicon Valley and its neighboring areas in Northern California where advancement in the digital technology area has overflown into the healthcare industry significantly.

Jorge pointed out Dr. Albert Chan, the VP of innovation specifically on Sutter Health’s patient experience, as one of the individuals who has been trying to incorporate new technologies into healthcare. In fact, he has been in Brazil debating about the key trends in the field. Dr. Chan also demonstrates in his lectures how implementing technology can change the manner in which patients receive care.


Google glasses is one of the tools that have been utilized to get patients’ information via a single voice command. The tool has several benefits including improved medical evaluation and safety, 100% focused attention on patients as well as more humanized and efficient interaction between patients and doctors (loop.frontiersin). Furthermore, Jorge Moll called for more collaboration between various stakeholder in the Brazilian health sector including startups, entrepreneurs, hospital networks, and public and private institutions of research and teaching in a bid to promote the rapid advancement of Brazil’s medical innovation.


About Jorge Moll


Jorge Moll is the president of Rede D’Or’s Board of directors. Rede D’Or owns over 30 hospitals. In 2010, Fleury SA, a medical service provider in Brazil, acquired subsidiary Labs D’Or for more than $750 million (https://scholar.google.com.br/citations?user=Sl4KAXcAAAAJ&hl=pt-BR). In the same year, Jorge Moll gained control of Sao Paulo-based hospital group, Sao Luiz. Later in 2015, GIC Pte. Ltd, a Singapore-based sovereign –wealth fund, and Carlyle acquired a stake in Rede D’Or.

Daniel Mark Harrison Leads Monkey Capital to Greatness

Daniel Mark Harrison continues to lead Monkey Capital to greatness thanks to his skills in management. Monkey Capital has been gracing headlines with the new ICO reports.As the current decentralized hedge fund , Monkey Capital continues to grow through a service based institute of resources well placed. Daniel Mark Harrison is in charge of this success. He has been in the company for some time and all he has shown is the ability to move a firm to better production and investment levels. Monkey Capital has a strong team that guides it through leadership and Daniel is the head of this team.

Profile of Leadership and Company

Harrison has used his team to sell Monkey Capital to more clients that want services pertaining to investment. Recently, he confirmed that Monkey Capital has a domain that can be put to use. Monkey.com, he said, is the core domain of the company.Daniel has gone ahead to say that with the partners, Darshan as well as Casil, Monkey Capital is moving to the next, better, level. Daniel stated that the new domain was acquired through an American firm that allowed Monkey Capital to use the domain. The rights to utilize the domain are with Monkey Capital. He also added that he is working with the owner of the domain, a close associate that has extensive skills in management. Monkey Capital is famous for its SpaceX investment.

The Excitement of the Market

People that understand the business that Monkey Capital deals in are excited. This is because it is the leading company that specializes in crypt blocks as well as the effective selling through ICOs. Harrison has been linking up with his team in the process of pleasing clients through service delivery.The serial entrepreneur hopes that business will boom to the next level soon.

About Daniel Mark Harrison

Daniel is a prominent entrepreneur in America, though he is currently based in Singapore. Monkey Capital is his latest success story. Daniel has been garnering investment ideas over the past years. He understands the value of putting money in the right place. His experience borders high end profile companies like DMH&CO in addition to Monkey Capital. He is a leader and determined to touch every company that he mans with success. He is also a major contributor to CoinSpeaker, and the author of two books.

Waiakea Hawaiian Bottled Water: Redefining Eco-Friendly

Waiakea Hawaiian Water Company was started to produce bottled water through a sustainable process and has had a positive result on the environment and world as a whole. Waiakea water is said to be the first company to use Timeplast’s nano-additive with its bottles. Ryan Emmons serves as the founder as well as the chief executive officer of Waiakea Company. Waiakea gets alkaline water from the slopes of the volcano and supplies it to the United States citizens. The company brand is known to be free from carbon.

Waiakea Hawaiian has created bottles that are said to be environmentally friendly in the sense that they can be recycled and they are entirely degradable. Waiakea Water Company has been involved in various charitable activities, for instance, their partnership with pump aid has helped in providing clean water to the people. They have also donated many gallons of water. Through their donations and charity activities, their main aim has always been to take care of the land.

Waiakea Hawaiian water has succeeded through its ability to sustain its brand not only through advertisement but also through having aquifer sources which make this water available and abundant in supply. They have employed their method of water production to minimize carbon emission. Waiakea Hawaiian water is produced using a natural way of filtration method. The filtration process is extensive and ensures that the water produced is clean. Their means of getting water ensures that no contamination since the source of their water is based in a remote protected and conserved area, which makes the water pure.

Waiakea Hawaiian water goes through the natural purification process, and this ensures that most acids are removed and therefore making the pure water alkaline. Volcanic water gives an excellent and refreshing taste. Waiakea Hawaiian volcanic brand was named after its source.

The water is therefore recommendable for various uses including drinking, making beverages and others. Ryan Emmons, founder of this company says this water is recommended during both winter and summer seasons.

How Dr. Avi Weisfogel has Transformed The Perspective on Sleep Apnea

Dr. Avi Weisfogel, a well-known sleep apnea specialist and dentist, has developed a way that can help patients deal with effects of sleep deprivation. While most sleep apnea patients always choose to visit a general doctor to have their condition examined and maybe get prescription, dentists like Avi have come up with the most effective treatment for the condition using dentistry techniques. For several years, Avi has had a vision of the possibilities that could be transformed into a reality through his area of specialization. He cultivated his desire and commitment to help provide a lasting solution for sleep disorders after interacting with one of his patients.

Since his early days as a dentist, Avi has been focusing on treating sleep patients. His keen interest in the business and marketing for dentists motivated him to join most of the marketing organizations available under dentistry. No matter how successful Avi became at full mouth rehabs and marketing implants, he could not find a productive marketing strategy that contributed to a steady stream of oral appliance patients. This changed when he left his general practice in 2010 to start a company committed to sleep disorders.

Though it cost him millions of dollar and took two years to complete, Avi developed a system that generated between 250 and 300 oral patients every month. He has been promoting this system over the recent years, and has now embarked on developing Dental Sleep Masters program. Through this program, he hopes to reach more physicians, patients, and dentists with the model that can enhance the healthcare in the field of sleep medicine. Apart from his medical practice, Avi is a recognized philanthropist who donates a sizable portion if his profits and time to charity. He is always watchful to take every opportunity that can enable him learn, improve, and enlarge his practice while boosting his performance.

Louis Chenevert’s Principles for a Successful Company

Louis Chenevert, the former Chief Executive officer and Chairman of United Technologies Corporation (UTC), and former President of Pratt & Whitney Canada, left a lasting legacy at UTC that will outlive him for several years to come as long as the company exists. UTC is the world’s leading producer of the most advanced jet engines for military and commercial users. The company also runs the world’s escalator and elevator firm; Otis, from Farmington Community. Louis has had significant success since he joined UTC’s Pratt & Whitney; an engine business in 1993.

Appointed as the Chief Executive Officer in the middle of the great economic depression, his term of office at UTC featured an increase in production when other companies were collapsing. This is a result of his investment in the cutting-edge technology while committing himself to the betterment of the company’s employees. UTC has been supporting its employees’ education since 1996 with over 40,000 employees all over the world attaining degrees. The admirable value of Louis’ leadership strategy as the Chief Executive Officer as is forward-thinking; an ability that enabled him select successful projects. Thus, he led to the realization of the company’s vision while inspiring his colleagues to aim at making the projects successful.

Louis’ interest has always been to see the company he leads become future-proof by allocating a significant part of its budget to acquiring innovative equipment. This is a testament to the leaders of the company and their commitment to their responsibility as good custodians of the company’s mission, vision, and resources. Of ultimate importance to the modern-day’s company success according to Louis is its ability to know what to invest in and what not to, depending on what is necessary at the time. The global business sector has become extremely competitive that any move that can give a company a competitive advantage is worth investing all the energy and resources. Louis believes that this is enhanced by innovative technology.