A man of accomplishments: Ronald Fowlkes

Ronald Fowlkes joined the Marines in 1989 and officially became listed as a veteran in 1993 at the end of his service. Ronald is a Gulf War veteran who was promoted twice within during his service.


Ronald courageously surpassed the Marine Corps College’s Marine combat school, and he multiplied his non-combat navy know-how with the fundamental Engineering course for the Air Naval Gunfire Liaison organization.


Ronald Fowlkes also accomplished become one of the elite and heroic flight infantrymen inside the Army Parachute College and earned his enhanced Army-Marine Corps Parachute Insignia, which in turn expanded his abilities; he additionally joined the NSWF fight Diver faculty. Fowkles has been to numerous stage missions in the 1st Air Naval Gunfire Liaison organization where he has taken on several responsibilities within parachute operations class, which include naval and air gunfire missions using more than a dozen different kind of radios which can include both non-encrypted and encrypted signals and codes, as well as using a laser designator. Fowlkes also completed reconnaissance missions where he received a big popularity for completing such missions.


While he was employed with the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization,

which is abbreviated as JIEDDO as a Department of Protection Contractor with American Army that was stationed Iraq, Ronald’s numerous roles had to take on the tasks of dismounting and setting up infantry combat sector operations. Ronald also trained employees inside the U.S. army to be efficient with their tactical interrogation of capturing and detaining not only the most dangerous people, but also terrorists, tactical operations, hostage search and rescue missions, Close Quarters Battle, and gathering of confirmation. Ronald soon joined the law enforcement network and has been a recognized figure for a span of 13 years.


Fowlkes worked with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police branch for 10 years and three years with the St. Louis County PD. He has trained with enforcement officers with such training that includes the use of tactical rifles, protecting one’s person techniques, shoot residency, and urban plus swat tactical warfare. Fowlkes has several years of knowledge and experience in investigating street gang activities, illegal narcotics trafficking, and illegal gun possession with the most vicious neighborhoods inside the United States.


Currently, Ronald Fowlkes is an employer with Eagle Industries with the acquired title of Manufacturing Business Development Supervisor of Law Enforcement. His prestigious role within the organization is valuable to him because he is able to teach more than a 150 sales personnel’s on the merits of the business, the development, the product choice, and sale. Eagle Industries Manufactures specializes in the product field of nylon equipment and gear for companies, which might be tactical in nature, along with load-bearing devices, tactical assault and protection vests, weapon holster and personal gear.