Larkin and Lacey Use Their Experience to Give the Community What they Need

As journalists, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey learned a lot about the issues minorities were facing. They were especially interested in the problems Latinos had and that made them want to make a difference for all of them. No matter what Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were doing, they knew there would be other opportunities for them to make a difference for others.

They had always wanted to try their best to make people feel better and they knew it would be hard to do it from a journalistic standpoint. For that reason, they worked hard to make a foundation they could use to help their clients. The foundation would give them all the opportunities they needed to succeed and all the things that would make their clients better.

The Frontera Fund was a dream the men had for a long time. They knew they would be able to show people how their lives would get better if they used it. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

In addition, they knew they could connect with lawyers and other people who provided valuable services so their clients would be able to get everything they needed to be successful no matter what they were fighting against.

As long as Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were working together, they felt confident in their skills and abilities. They wanted people to realize they were doing their best and they were offering the greatest things possible for all of their clients.

It was their way of making the community better when the minorities didn’t really have any other way to feel better about the issues that were going on for them. They knew it would continue to get better as long as they were working on different opportunities and different things that could help their clients.

The fund wouldn’t have even been possible if it weren’t for one of the biggest people they have fought against. They know that Joe Arpaio is a bad person and that he is doing his best to bring minorities down.

They also know he will make it harder for people to try and bring attention to the issues that are going on in the world around them. Because of this, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey want to give people what they are looking for and what they can use to have a better life even if they are struggling with different things.

The man they are fighting against was actually forced to pay them over three million dollars. It was part of a settlement that he had to pay because he had them arrested illegally. The arrest was unconstitutional and the men fought it. After they won, they started the Frontera Fund so no other people would have to deal with that again. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

They could all go back to what they were doing and fight corruption in the way that Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey did with Joe Arpaio. They knew he would not be able to fight back against other people who had Frontera behind them.

Jeremy Goldstein Discusses Knockout Options For Employees

In the few past years, multiple corporations have decided to shift their focus to ending the provision of knockout options to their employees. Some firms have also taken this step in a bid to reduce their expenses by saving money. Other reasons are complex and relatively, complicated, so to speak. Some of the major reasons include :



  1. Stock value may significantly drop hence making it impossible for most employers to offers these services. In this case, employees have to report their progress to their superiors. This is often, depressing as they need to report such disappointing news to the investors as well.



  1. The other reason for not wanting to use provide stock options anymore is that the compensation method is a major contributor of economic downturns. The benefits resemble those of a casino token.



  1. The third reason as to why employers do not want to offer stock options is that the options result into accounting burdens. The relevant costs could also bar employees from enjoying financial advantages. Staff members do not consider stock options to be beneficial to them in any way.


Jeremy’s Input


To address the issue, Jeremy Goldstein, an experienced lawyer and attorney , offered insight. He is of the opinion that these stock options can be a compensation scheme to some employees. He cited that they can be wages for some employees as well. Why is he hopeful that stock options should not be eradicated from the worker’s payment schemes? Jeremy Goldstein is confident that stock options can be additional wages and better insurance for the workers.


Options Boost Wages


In addition, options boost every worker’s personal earning. It encourages most workers to prioritize a company’s success. Staff can also work harder in order to satisfy their clients and attract more clients.


Revenue Services


Certain revenue service rules also make it somewhat impossible for employees to receive equities. This is factual especially if a company develops compensation packages for lead executives.


Personal Profile


Jeremy Goldstein is an excellent legal service provider. When companies need insight regarding how to execute business ideas or just get around legal terms, he is always available to offer advice. Jeremy barely boasts of having more than 15 years experience in law and business. He has independently , established a law firm that he uses to educate masses on the right channel to follow in order to succeed.


The Conclusion


In addition, he has played a pivotal tole in fostering major transactions that incorporated firms like Duke Energy and Chevron among others. Learn more:

Leonard Guarante, Elysium Health, and Basis

Elysium Health is a company known for its hallmark supplement, Basis, which helps levels of NAD+, also called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. NAD+ is a compound involved in many cellular processes, from circadian rhythm regulation to energy production. Unfortunately, NAD+ tend to decrease as humans age. That’s where Basis comes in.

Who is Behind Elysium Health?

All successful organizations and business entities have great minds behind them. Elysium Health is very fortunate to have the input of and guidance from a several of the world’s most prominent scientists. Most of these figures work for the best higher education institutions on earth, including MIT, Harvard, and Cambridge.

Dr. Leonard Guarante is the man who founded Elysium Health back in 2014, the year prior to Basis hitting the North American market. He’s been a scientist for several decades, and has led the Glenn Lab for the Science of Aging at MIT since 1982.

Basis is available on Elysium Health’s website, where you can purchase one bottle or a multiple month subscription.

Jeunesse Global Expands Throughout the East Asian Markets

One of the most surprising tales of success to come out of the health and beauty industry over the last few years has been that of Jeunesse Global. The company was founded in the garage of Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, both longtime industry veterans with an extensive track record of building successful businesses. From there, it didn’t take long for Jeunesse Global to begin rising to the top of the industry, as the best are always wont to do.

The company was founded in 2009, when Lewis became bored with the couple’s newly adopted retirement lifestyle and started selling a few products out of the couple’s spacious Florida home. Lewis knew that, this time, she wanted to approach the business a little differently. Because the couple had been independently wealthy for decades, already having a number of homes throughout the country, Lewis did not want to focus primarily on making money. Instead, she says that her main goal in starting Jeunesse was to bring to those across the globe the same opportunities that she and Ray had as Americans.

Lewis knew that many of the poorest countries around the world had deep structural and demographic problems that lay at the root of their poverty and lack of development. While these cases are tragic, there is little that anyone can do to save these forgotten and downtrodden regions from their own self-consuming tendencies.

However, Lewis had long done business in East Asia and was very keen to the fact that many of the East Asian countries had enormous human capital and productive potential but had been stifled and oppressed under the authoritarian communist jackboot for decades. This insight, that places like China would soon prove to be utterly formidable centers of global production, was one of the key factors behind Jeunesse Global’s rapid expansion.

Concentrating almost solely on the East Asian markets, Ray and Lewis were able to begin growing their fledgling business exponentially. Within just three years of operation, Jeunesse was doing millions of dollars per year. Today, it is a successful company with tens of thousands of distributors, mostly located in East Asian countries.

A Look at Louis Chenevert, Former President, Director, and CEO of UTC

When looking at the rise and fall of corporations over the year it is plain to see that one of the hardest hit industries has been industrial manufacturing. With the end of the second world war would also come a serious decline in the demand for many things that were once of a higher priority.

One of the largest industrial manufacturing companies has managed to continue to grow throughout the economical roller coaster that is the global economy, United Technologies Corporation. UTC is a multinational conglomerate that is headquartered in Farmington, Connecticut.

Louis Chenevert is the former CEO of UTC and was educated at the HEC Montreal, a school of business that is affiliated with the University of Montreal. He earned a bachelor’s degree of business administration in production management while at university in 1979. Additionally, in May of 2011 Louis would also received a doctorate honoris causa from both HEC Montreal as well as Concordia University.

His career of manufacturing and production began at General Motors, where he would spend fourteen years with the company, rising to become a production manager. In 1993 he would leave General Motors for a UTC owned business unit, Pratt & Whitney.

After six years working for Pratt & Whitney, Louis Chenevert would rise to the position of vice-president of the company and then the president of Pratt & Whitney. A few years later, in March of 2006 he would join UTC as the chief operating officer, president and director.

When Louis Chenevert stepped in as the president, CEO and director of UTC, it was during one of the most difficult times in recent economic history, during the subprime recession. It was during this time that many businesses across all sectors would fall into ruins.

Louis Chenevert has always been a kind and passionate man which is part of what caused him to see the intelligence in investing into the employees of the company, even relocating thousands of workers from a low-cost neighborhood to Connecticut, enabling UTC to diversify development and research projects as well as enable their employees to have a higher reward level within the company.

Waiakea Water: A Deeper Look

People do talk about the health benefits of drinking water while talking about some of the dangers of water. One thing about the health benefits and dangers of drinking water is that it depends largely on the source of water. Therefore, it is important for people to make sure that they are getting the right forms of water. One of the dangers that people associate with water is washing out all of the electrolytes. This is a risk for people when they drink some of the lower forms of water. It is important for people to replenish the electrolytes that are lost in sweat.

Fortunately, there is water from sources that contain electrolytes. Among the sources of water is the Waiakea springs. The water filters in through the volcanic rocks in order to not only get rid of all of the contaminants, but also gain some electrolytes from the source. This gives people some of the best tasting water they have ever drank. They also have some of the best health benefits. For one thing, they are able to experience greater energy levels because of the replenishment of electrolytes. This can prevent problems such as low sodium and water intoxication.

Among the companies that are offering enhanced waters, Waiakea is one of the best companies for this. One of the reasons for such a huge success with the water company is that they are working on different ways to take care of the environment and bring forth greater health in people. This includes bringing forth newer degradable plastic. This is something that can accompany the water that is consumed from Waiakea.

As people have come to understand, the quality of water matters a lot. Therefore, it is important for the individual to make sure that he is drinking the highest quality of water.

A man of accomplishments: Ronald Fowlkes

Ronald Fowlkes joined the Marines in 1989 and officially became listed as a veteran in 1993 at the end of his service. Ronald is a Gulf War veteran who was promoted twice within during his service.


Ronald courageously surpassed the Marine Corps College’s Marine combat school, and he multiplied his non-combat navy know-how with the fundamental Engineering course for the Air Naval Gunfire Liaison organization.


Ronald Fowlkes also accomplished become one of the elite and heroic flight infantrymen inside the Army Parachute College and earned his enhanced Army-Marine Corps Parachute Insignia, which in turn expanded his abilities; he additionally joined the NSWF fight Diver faculty. Fowkles has been to numerous stage missions in the 1st Air Naval Gunfire Liaison organization where he has taken on several responsibilities within parachute operations class, which include naval and air gunfire missions using more than a dozen different kind of radios which can include both non-encrypted and encrypted signals and codes, as well as using a laser designator. Fowlkes also completed reconnaissance missions where he received a big popularity for completing such missions.


While he was employed with the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization,

which is abbreviated as JIEDDO as a Department of Protection Contractor with American Army that was stationed Iraq, Ronald’s numerous roles had to take on the tasks of dismounting and setting up infantry combat sector operations. Ronald also trained employees inside the U.S. army to be efficient with their tactical interrogation of capturing and detaining not only the most dangerous people, but also terrorists, tactical operations, hostage search and rescue missions, Close Quarters Battle, and gathering of confirmation. Ronald soon joined the law enforcement network and has been a recognized figure for a span of 13 years.


Fowlkes worked with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police branch for 10 years and three years with the St. Louis County PD. He has trained with enforcement officers with such training that includes the use of tactical rifles, protecting one’s person techniques, shoot residency, and urban plus swat tactical warfare. Fowlkes has several years of knowledge and experience in investigating street gang activities, illegal narcotics trafficking, and illegal gun possession with the most vicious neighborhoods inside the United States.


Currently, Ronald Fowlkes is an employer with Eagle Industries with the acquired title of Manufacturing Business Development Supervisor of Law Enforcement. His prestigious role within the organization is valuable to him because he is able to teach more than a 150 sales personnel’s on the merits of the business, the development, the product choice, and sale. Eagle Industries Manufactures specializes in the product field of nylon equipment and gear for companies, which might be tactical in nature, along with load-bearing devices, tactical assault and protection vests, weapon holster and personal gear.